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Friday, November 04, 2005

*The first conversation was at the dust brothers and she told me she was in love
*Halloween...They were Mr. & Mrs. Dreadlocks
*They cooked us dinner in Laurel Canyon "Next time only use 1 pepper"
*Claudia's "5 Senses" party in Long Beach
*Great Smoke Out party "I want kids"
*Breakfast at SM house and strolling Ethan "You gotta get a bjorn"
*Making phone calls at Coralees "Gunnago" apartment
*4th of July at SM - he likes fireworks
*Olivia's baby shower at their new Franklin Hills home
*Our Benton Way backyard Memorial Party
*New Year's Eve (2 at SM, 1 at Franklin Hills, 1 wedding in Pasadena)
*Ethan's birthday party at Franklin Hills
*Stehley's Harvest Party at the Fillmore Farm
*Cajun meal at the Fairfax Farmer's Market
*At Gil & Christie's for dinner w/Ethan & Eloise & me pregnant
*Visit at Benton Way to meet Olivia - Paris globe broke
*at SM to meet Ethan - I took famous photo
*Watched "Ali" she made tea
*Washing Ethan in the sink with dirty dishes
*Mexican Food by the Beach - French in town, guys surfed
*Out to dinner in Venice Beach - Chi
*Out to dinner at Fred 62 with a "B" rating - Eric got sick
*Rehearsal dinner @ La Cava -- rained
*After civil ceremony at her parent's decadent home
*dropping us off in Amsterdam for the bachelor party
*at Avarie's for Ethan's baby shower
*breakfast for 6 at "Champagne" the French pastry shop in SM
*walked to Fritz's house to see his tropical backyard
*evening engagement party at Judith's backyard in Sherman Oaks
*went to see April March concert - she was asked if the French sounded authentic
*10 Cents concert at the Coconut Teaser
*Simpson wedding New Year's Eve 2000
*The last conversation was on the phone - I was in the studio, and she said she was so happy with their new home and her new work situation and that she would like more kids


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