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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

***Citrus Sparerib Cutlets & Jasmine Rice

After the girls went to bed, I made this meal for my husband and I. Vegetarian Citrus Sparerib Cutlets by Vegetarian Plus is our latest favorite meatless. It is super easy to make, and they come in their own sauce which has a slightly sweet and citrus flavor as well as a satisfying texture. First, I started the jasmine rice in the cooker, using coconut milk instead of water and added a half cup extra water because the coconut milk is thick -- this adjustment worked out well. When the ingredients were cooked, I put a pile of the rice on the plate, arranged the spareribs around, and topped it off with sliced beets. High marks...You just can't go wrong with Citrus Spareribs. Although, I must agree with my husband that they stick to your teeth.


Anonymous Sandy (SpiritSister) said...

Wow...I just moved to Boise this past Spring, and being vegetarian, we are thrilled at the great prices we find at our Wal-Mart (on State Street) on many of the packaged vegetarian foods we love. We recently found those Citrus Spareribs at the food Co-op too and they are awesome! The Quorn Naked "chicken" is very good too.
We just throw in more veggies as we are heating up the spareribs to make it more like a stirfry.

I was collecting links to the various Vegetarian Product websites for a friend that is considering going vegetarian and I wandered into your blog. Drop in and chat sometime if you are ever online and looking to kill some time. (We started this new Chat site a few weeks ago.)

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

11:11 PM  

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