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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Things That Make Me Happy

the smell of lilacs going to farmer's markets feeling organized When my oldest daughter eats enthusiastically BIG storms Makin' muffins with my hubby Seeing people pick up their dog's doo Creating something I'm proud of Super strong coffee with fat-free hazelnut creamer Being near the ocean Dancing to my favorite music when I know nobody is watching recycling, reducing, & reusing Looking at a freshly developed roll of film Planting flowers & trees cooking something people enjoy sending & receiving things in the mail really good red wine riding bicycles from coffee house to coffee house in Amsterdam waterfalls trying to get to sleep the night before leaving on vacation when I hear of people doing great things for the earth & it's inhabitants coming up with a good idea the rush from working out eating ice-cream when the good guys prevail reading bed-time stories candles animals living free people living responsibly exploring feeling like I got a bargain friends riding on a motorcycle when democrats win Brown seeing the nutcracker ballet going to flea markets things old-fashioned a terrific hair cut making plans smiles web design taking a shower the "pop" sound a canning jar makes when sealed sharing a pot of tea the sound of rain cold Seirra Nevada pale ale beer a 3 legged race with hubby falling stars


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