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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Checked out 4

I love our library! We all went today and split-up inside -- Abi & I went upstairs to look for some cookbooks, while Art & Liv scouted the kid's section. We found rows and rows of cooking books. I wasn't looking for any particular title, so I just pulled random books that looked interesting.

I found: Famous Vegetarians & their favorite recipes by Rynn Berry; Mother Nature's Garden: Healthy Vegan Cooking by Florence Bienenfeld & Micky Bienenfeld; Vegetarian Feasts: Memorable Meat-Free Menus by Richard Cawley; and Vegetarian Entertaining: Menus for All Occasions by Diana Shaw.

BTW, Leonardo da Vinci was vegetarian. Some of his favorite dishes were "fried figs and beans" and "chick-pea soup". The chapters in Famous Vegetarians & their favorite recipes are grouped this way: Immortals, Visionaries, & Contemporaries. It's an older book (copyright 1995) which features Linda McCartney, George Harrison, and Dennis Weaver as contemporaries. This helps make it more interesting to look at, if you ask me. I'm wondering...does anybody know if they have a new version of famous vegetarians/vegans and their favorite dishes?

I found a vegan book, also copyright 1995 - pictured here with the basket of veggies. It has all the regular chapters, plus: holiday dishes, ethnic specialties, festive party, & brunch specialties. I'm bummed that there are no pictures, but the recipes look short and basic...the kind I'm more likely to try.

The other 2 cookbooks each have colorful and artistic pictures. The "Entertaining" book is divided by seasons and has several menus for each, for example: Robust Spring Supper, Backyard Cookout, Harvest Supper, New Year's Day Supper.
The "Feasts" book has a list of menus and recipes featuring: party finger food, beautiful breakfasts, cook-ahead cuisine, three-star meal. I like that the last two books have themed menus along with all the recipes in one place.


Blogger KaiVegan said...

I'm curious about that 1st book. Too bad, our library system doesn't have it. I'm reading (well, I'm trying)the Food Revolution by John Robbins right now.
btw, do you homeschool?

11:53 AM  
Blogger Vicki said...

Hi Kaivegan: "Famous Vegetarians" is an interesting book, and I wonder if it's still in print? Do you like "Food Revolution"? Neither of my kids are school age (1 & 3), but when they are, I'll send them to public school, even though I'm a teacher and am always "home schooling" if that makes sense! Do you homeschool?

5:30 PM  

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