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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Birthday Table Cloth

I just finished this year's edition of Liv's birthday table cloth. Each year, I've taken her hand and feet prints, added a painted birthday cake with the appropriate number of candles, the year, and then sewn on a patch representing what she really liked that year -- which was her party theme. So, for her first birthday, she loved ducks...second birthday, it was butterflys...and this year she was really into the beach. I'm now planning Abi's table cloth -- who is having her first birthday this month. I don't know what her birthday theme will be yet....


Blogger Village Mama said...

hi Vicky! am loving going through your archives. Gotta tell you, these Birthday Tablecloths are one of the MOST wickedly original pieces of family history art pieces I've ever lain my eyes on! They are soooo rockin' cool, oh my!! When the time is 'right' it's going to blow your kids' minds that you made these for them. You are an awesome mom.

2:08 PM  

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