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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Thank You, CINDA!

I got another fun-filled package from Cinda! This one was for my birthday - she sends amazing boxes stuffed with all kinds of thoughtful goodies for all of us. She remembers all of us on birthdays, holidays, and knows what's going on with us. What's really amazing is that I've never met Cinda! Back in 1998 (is that the year, Cinda?), we bid on the same stained glass lamp on ebay, and since then, we've been emailing almost daily. She knows more about me than anybody except my husband. We are modern day penpals. Thank you Cinda! Thanks for this birthday gift and mostly for your amazing friendship! Lookie what I got.
A pretty wind chime - and pretty sounding too. Isn't it thoughtful that she picked out pansies? Cinda is the one who got me into blogging!

She's an amazing artist. I feel lucky that she sent me 4 of her prints along with another sheet that has 4 postcards of the purple girl. Aren't those cool collages?

And, look at this booty load. An Eiffle Tower necklace (chosen for very sentimental reasons), XO lipgloss (that's how I sign my emails with close chums), Almond Biscotti bath gel, & some candies (she knows I have an endless sweet-tooth).
But, the best part is this original. The writing says:

She's like a fairy godmother or a fresh drop of rain Inspiring me coaxing me on Everytime I see her name it thrills me to think she thinks of me too! for Vicki


Blogger Turquoise CRO said...

LOL! Well, since I don't drive it's not too often I get out shopping and anymore, that suits me just fine altho I do need some new sandals! soooooo when I do get out I have to try and get all my month's birthday, baby shower gifts, bridal gifts booty in one or two shopping trips! I was lucky to find those pansies! They were almost hidden! I'd liked to gotten you something more Vicki but it seems like time is something hard to get here anymore! I HOPE you like that poem, I still can't find the notebook it's in when I wrote it, I would like to know when I wrote it! but it's true dear girly! and those strawberry dreams I love! That's my fav kind of candy at the moment altho it's been ever since around Christmas I think! I would have liked to painted you a painting but I am out of canvas's! Gina got me that same necklace for my birthday! Maybe we will wear them the same day! LOL anyway, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!xoxoooxoxooxox, Cinda ps. You are welcome!!!

12:12 AM  
Blogger KleoPatra said...

Friends like that: PRICELESS.

You are fortunate to have one another in each other's lives, Vicki. That is just fantastic, fantastic!!!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Carrieā„¢ said...

Wow! That is really touching. What a great birthday box. You both must be very special.

10:30 AM  

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